Gusto Restaurateurs Account

The aim of GUSTO is to make dining out more affordable, therefore encouraging people to dine out more often, and as a result helping the restaurant industry as a whole. It is important that GUSTO works for everyone involved; both the end-user members and the participating restaurants. If dining out becomes more affordable, then people will do so more often increasing footfall for the restaurants. It doesn't stop there... if our members enjoy their experience at a restaurant, they will not only return but will also recommend it to their friends and the story repeats itself.

Benefits for you as a Restaurateur

  • Participation in GUSTO is free for restaurant owners.
  • Thanks to the enticing One Time 50% Discount, you will attract diners who for some reason or another never tried your restaurant. Just ensure that they are satisfied and you have a constant feed of potential regular clients.
  • We limit the number of restaurants that can participate in GUSTO to around 100 and to a few per location. This limited number enhances the chances of repeat visits to your restaurant since it pays for our members to dine out only at restaurants listed with GUSTO.
  • GUSTO has an ever-growing database of over 10,000 subscribers and you can target them with your promotions and/or communication.
  • You get a full dedicated web-page in which you can manage yourself through a secure password protected section of the website.
  • You get increased brand awareness through our state-of-the-art website, high quality printed directory and other marketing and promotional material.
  • You can exclude a number of dining sessions per week from the One Time 50% Discount thus increasing footfall only in your quieter periods.
  • All we ask is that you offer a one-time 50% off the food bill to our members when they visit your restaurant the first time.
  • The deal only includes food so you still make full mark-up on all wet sales
  • Unlike any other marketing exercise, you only 'pay' (by giving the discount) when you actually make a sale. If it doesn't work for you, you don't pay anything. No other advertising or marketing option can be more cost-effective than this.
  • GUSTO is marketed aggressively both online and on conventional media. If you are on Gusto, you will benefit from all that. This also means that you can budget considerably less for advertising and marketing because GUSTO will do it for you.
  • Participation in GUSTO is free for restaurant owners.

If you are a restaurant owner and you would like to be listed in GUSTO, please contact us so that we advise you on the process.