GUSTO Ethics

Simple ways how you can help make GUSTO more successful

It is very important that you claim the Unlimited Discount when re-visiting a GUSTO restaurant. Not only will you save some more money but if you don’t claim the unlimited discount, restaurateurs won’t know that they’ve gained a client thanks to GUSTO. A nice way to say Thank you might be to leave some of the savings as tips for the staff that helped make your experience an enjoyable one.

GUSTO is not a charitable institution... whoever is in it is there to gain something... restaurateurs and members alike. The more members enjoy themselves and save, the more promotion is generated for restaurants... and, the more restaurateurs earn from GUSTO members dining at their restaurant, the happier they will be and the bigger the chances that more restaurants will want to join... so it’s a circle. If used properly, GUSTO will be a win-win situation where everyone benefits.

Here is some food for thought for members... consider these points... by following them you can help make GUSTO a bigger success which would mean potentially more savings for you in the future.

  1. Follow the rules of the game. If you intend to claim the 50% discount at a specific restaurant, check that it applies on your intended day of visit. Similarly check if the specific restaurant requires prior reservation and mention of GUSTO or not.
  1. Whenever possible, pay for your meals using cash not credit cards. Whenever you pay with credit cards, the restaurateur is charged hefty commissions from the banks and credit card companies. While it won’t make any difference to the amount you will pay, it will make a difference to the amount the restaurant will actually earn. Even though the difference might not be much, when that little amount is multiplied by many diners it becomes a serious expense for the restaurateur.
  1. When you visit a GUSTO restaurant and are satisfied, it will be nice of you if you leave a generous tip to the staff who helped make your visit an enjoyable experience. When you consider the savings you would have made thanks to GUSTO, the tip would make little difference for you but will surely be appreciated by the restaurant staff.
  1. When there is a GUSTO restaurant that you really liked, don’t hesitate to recommend it to your friends by word of mouth, rating it using the new rating system on our website or maybe by writing a nice comment on Facebook. The idea of GUSTO is to have you going around, sampling restaurants and telling all your friends what a gastronomic treasure you have discovered so that they can visit too.
  1. A GUSTO restaurateur gave you a generous 50% discount so whenever possible give something back. You can easily do this by giving preference to GUSTO restaurants whenever you’re dining out especially when you don’t intend to use the one time offer. If there’s a staff dinner being planned, recommend a GUSTO restaurant which you liked.